Adjust / Foldable Poles

Adjust / Foldable Poles

Convenience is the new luxury! Whether they're adjustable or foldable poles - both have their benefits; while the adjustable poles can be 'adjusted' to any length (from 66 to 135cm), the foldable poles come in the usual lengths (110, 115, 120, 125, 130), however they 'fold down' to under 40cm. Both pole models come with the essential wrist straps.
  1. ONE WAY 3-Piece Adjustable Nordic Walking Poles

    ONE WAY 3-Piece Adjustable Nordic Walking Poles

    Strong 50% carbon shaft! Compact 66 cm. Ideal for recreational Nordic Walking through to serious hiking and trekking
    Price: $209.00
  2. LEKI Micro Trail Poles

    LEKI Micro Trail Poles

    Foldable poles; 100% Carbon Ideal for Trail Running or Nordic Walking Fantastic for travel - small pack size

    Regular Price: $299.00

    Special Price: $269.10